Public Sauna Session - Freya - Tjuvholmen, Oslo

Public Sauna Session - Freya - Tjuvholmen, Oslo
From NOK NOK299.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Oslo, Oslo
  • Product code: public_freya

Important info about booking our saunas: 

  • Sauna fits 15 people max. 
  • This is a self-service sauna. Please follow this link to read about how to heat our saunas.
  • You will receive an email after booking with an access code to unlock the sauna. 
  • Please ensure you use the sauna you have booked - “Freya” 
  • Our saunas are pre-heated everyday by 0700 and by 1500 (3pm). Outside of these times you must heat the sauna yourself. The saunas are usually kept warm throughout the entire day from regular use and have heaters installed meaning they are never completely cold. 
  • We provide fire lighting material and wood so that you can light and heat the sauna. 
  • Sauna sessions are 2 hours long / 120 minutes. 

Important info about using our saunas: 

  • Bring two towels; one to get changed/dry off with and one to sit on in the sauna 
  • Freya has a separate changing room that can facilitate about 6 persons changing at a time. 
  • Showers are functional between May - September (due to pipes freezing over winter).
  • Bring a water bottle & stay hydrated (we have water containers at the saunas you can use to refill).
  • Be kind to other sauna users; our policy is respect, good vibes and tolerance.
  • Do not get drunk and obnoxious, or you will be kicked out and banned from the saunas indefinitely.
  • Be careful walking around the saunas and do not attempt long cold exposure without supervision.
  • Do not stay in the sauna for more than 30 minutes per session. 
  • If you have any issues you can reach us on +47 40080440 or
  • If you would like it steamy, bring extra drinking water to throw on the stones – but please never put saltwater on the sauna oven!
  • You must wear swimwear at all times.
  • If you run out of water, there is a supermarket called “Joker” only 50m away where you can buy more. 
  • There are no toilets, so we recommend using the toilet before your sauna. 

* You will receive more info in your booking confirmation email. 

Enjoy your sauna, Goats!