SUP Course - Private Group

SUP Course - Private Group
Fra NOK 890,00 NOK
  • Varighed: 2 Timer (Ca.)
  • Sted: Oslo, Oslo
  • Produkt kode: SUP Private Course

SUP’s are easily packed down and transported, meaning that you can store one in your apartment and take it on the public when you want to hit the water.

Stand up paddling is also very easy to learn and suits a wide range of ages and fitness levels. When SUP boarding you can either stand up and paddling, using all the muscles in your body and improving your balance, or sit/lay down and just relax. This combination of exercise and finding peace while out in nature is why we think SUP’s are so cool!

On our 2hr SUP course, you will be taught all the basic paddle techniques to control your board. You will also learn how to balance, get back on your board, about equipment and safety.

Ready to learn something new and start exploring the water in style? – catch you on the water!