River Kayaking - Foundation Course

River Kayaking - Foundation Course
Fra NOK 3.290,00 NOK
  • Varighed: 2 Dage (Ca.)
  • Sted: Hønefoss, Hønefoss
  • Produkt kode: PRERNT

River kayaking requires a different skillset to that of sea kayaking, and on this course you will learn:
– How to navigate a class 2 river
– Safety routines on the river
– Theory on river currents;hydrology

Includes våttkort certificate and gear hire!

Are you someone with no previous kayaking experience? Not a problem! We can help you get better acquainted with the kayak and the equipment. You will get to do some practical exercises that teach you how to use the kayak, paddle, spray deck and life vest.

After the course you will have earned yourself a Våttkort, certified by the NPF. You will then be able to carry out safety procedures and kayak manoeuvres on a river. Kayak clothing, spray decks, paddles and kayaks are free of charge on this course.

  • You can park at the course location; let us know if you need a ride to the course and we will try to help.
  • We recommend you wear a woollen base layer (under-tøy), bring shoes you don’t mind getting wet, and a towel.
  • Feel free to camp beside the river at the course location or come back the day.