Oslo Fjord Sea Kayak Tour – Hovedøya

Oslo Fjord Sea Kayak Tour – Hovedøya
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  • Продолжительность: 3 час. (прибл.)
  • Код предложения: Oslo Fjord Sea Kayak Tour – Hovedøya
HOVEDØYA: The island’s name originates from “high island”, and consequently, if ever an invading force advanced up through the Oslo Fjord (the most practical way to invade the city), the watchmen on Hovedøya would be some of the first to know.

The island therefore boasts a fort built in 1808 with an array of cannons pointing south.

During the medieval period, an abbey on the island was the Oslo region’s main trading post. After the reformation, however, the abbey was raided by King Christian II in 1532 and its ruins are testament to this.

Keep your eye out for the resident fox, who is a well-known inhabitant of the island!

Starting from Aker Brygge or Bjørvika we taka a gentle loop of the island. When we stop for a short break you can go exploring, sunbathe or go for a swim – it's up to you! During the summer months, the water can be warmer than 20 degrees so perfect for a dip right?

Hire of kayak, paddle and life vest included. 

No experience required. This tour is suitable for all levels including adventurous families and absolute beginners.