Oslo Fjord Kayak Tour – Hovedøya

Oslo Fjord Kayak Tour – Hovedøya
Da NOK NOK 890,00
  • Durata: 3 Ore (circa)
  • Luogo: Oslo
  • Codice prodotto: Oslo Fjord Sea Kayak Tour – Hovedøya
The island’s name originates from “high island”, and consequently, if ever an invading force advanced up through the Oslo Fjord (the most practical way to invade the city), the watchmen on Hovedøya would be some of the first to know. On this tour, we start from the Munch Museum and take a gentle loop of the island. If there's time, we will stop for a short break so you can go exploring, sunbathe or go for a swim – it's up to you! During the summer months, the water can be warmer than 20 degrees so perfect for a dip!

Hire of kayak, paddle, and life vest included. No experience is required. This tour is suitable for all levels including adventurous families and absolute beginners.

25% - 30% discounts for students with valid student identification and youth (13 - 18 yrs)