Kayak Rolling

Kayak Rolling
Ab NOK 900,00 NOK
  • Dauer: 2 Stunden (ca.)
  • Ort: Oslo, Oslo
  • Produkt-Code: P5WL1D

A party trick as well as a safety procedure – not a bad combo, right? This is precisely why you should learn to kayak roll if you are keen to become a safer and more skilled paddler. During this 2-hour course at Sollerrudstranda in Lysaker, you will learn the techniques you need to be able to carry out the kayak roll.

Get in touch if you want read our “rolling manual pdf.” and we will send it to you before your course date.

Here are some rolling videos by the Tomas Hansson, Mad Goats founder, and main rolling instructor: Tips on Eskimo-rolling ,  6 Steps to Teaching the Eskimo-roll & Learn to Eskimo-roll